The Beardy Bard

Laziness is an addiction, thankfully I’m now in rehab.

It’s 2015. I finally have a blog.

Yeah, You may say I was living under a rock for 20 years, but in truth I am lazy. I was lazy rather, I am changing that dynamic as I finish this sentence.
I realised this late, but words are the same to me as migratory birds are, I won’t know when they’ll be back and even if they are back, I won’t know sure it’s the same the goddamn bird.
So I’ve finally decided to give an hour every week to write something I’d like to tell everyone (Read: imposing thoughts on other minds in the name of freedom of speech), so that others may think or at least try thinking about it (in any way possible, but I shall prefer mine).
After reading this, some of my friends (and some whom I don’t know yet will pseudo psycho analyse my words and) will call my a Narcissistic individual. I know this because some of them always do that. Clearly, my want (Read: need) to get people to think about something is sometimes out of sheer frustration, at other times it is out of no probable cause. But it is possible, hence I do it.
Now that I have rationalised, and it’s out of my way, I’ll be honest.
This year I turned 25 (FOR REAL). I was wasting too much time talking, too little doing anything. This way I can put down these words, so that they get teeth and bite others (and Me). I want to share what I think about events, life, love, your neighbor’s dog, etcetera. This will primarily be through Poems, Articles and/or the occasional rant (if time permits). The comments section is always open for valuable feedback. I love criticism (S&M), so please do add CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (look how I put that in bold?).
Hibernation period is over words, time to migrate into other minds.

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